Meet Our Horses



Cody was born in December of 1998. He is a Quarter Horse/Arabian cross standing at 15.3 hands and weighs 975 lbs. Cody is a big horse with a commanding presence. He is king of the herd, and yet he is completely docile and at ease with all people; big and small!

Cody offers a medium to wide base of support and all of his a gaits are dynamic. He is a favorite for his sensitivity and his antics. Cody has quite the personality and often “talks” to his riders as they prepare to dismount or if they are offering food of any kind. Cody also does tricks for treats, making him the official entertainer! 

“Cody” is the “Cody” in “Marcody”!



Ice was born in March of 1999. He is a registered Appendix with smooth gaits and a unique personality. Ice is 15 hands tall with a black coat that gleams.

Ice is a willing partner and a kind soul. He is affectionate and very relaxed in new situations.



Shad has graced this Earth's presence since 1996.  He can often be seen relaxing while a dozen children wielding brushes rub his downy coat. Furry in the winter, Shad resembles a large plush toy. He has earned his nick-name "Old Faithful Shad" by being a trusted friend to all who spend time getting to know him.



Daisy is a registered Quarter Horse mare. She is chestnut in color and shines like a penny in the sun. She was born in February of 2002. She is only 14.2 hands tall, which classifies her as a pony.  Daisy weighs in at 860 lbs. 

Daisy is extremely laid back and often falls asleep while being groomed. She loves a spa treatment and appreciates being made to look pretty! Her small size and her calm demeanor make her a favorite for grooming and bathing. Daisy possesses smooth gaits emanating from a narrow base of support. Her walk offers firstly lateral movement and secondly rotational movement. Her trot and canter are smooth and easy to ride. 



Sabrina is the oldest horse in the barn, and affectionately referred to as Grandma. Despite being born in 1989, she is extremely fit and healthy. Sabrina is a perfect first time rider and is an expert at looking after little ones. As an off the track Thoroughbred, she can still get around in a hurry when she needs to! Everyone loves this old lady!



Annie is the largest and perhaps the gentlest of all our school horses. She loves to play with water and generally acts as if she has no idea just how big she is. A gentle giant, she is very loved!