Testimonials - We are still working on this page

MaLia Ney - written by LaTonya (MaLia's Mom)


MaLia has not only benefited physically from riding at Hope Reins, but mentally as well. She has cerebral palsey and the therapeutic riding helps her walking, running, and jumping. It has improved her gross motor skills tremendously. Mentally, she is confident, caring and has gained an emotional attachment to the horses. Riding has helped MaLia learn the responsibilities of horses, such as feeding, cleaning, and nourishing the animals. She connects with the horses on another level and riding at Hope Reins has made this possible. MaLia is driven because of her lessons and wants to continue to improve her riding  by learning to trot and more advanced skills. Hope Reins has had a tremendous impact on MaLia and other individuals in the program.  Thank you all because you have a wonderful staff.

Selah Cox


It was always my dream to learn how to ride a horse, and Hope Reins made it possible! My favorite horse is Doc!

Brittany - Written by Laura (Brittany's Mom)


Brittany's whole life, her weeks, days, minutes and seconds revolve around Hope Reins. Her connection to the horses, the ranch, all the workers and volunteers cannot be explained in words. No, she may not excel or make great strides week to week, but in HER mind, she is riding wild, best friends with her horse and trainers . . . that's what WARMS MY HEART. 10 years ago, Brittany couldn't sit by herself on the horse, much less have the strength to stand in the stirrups to a count of 10. Now. . . she rides free, jokes with instructors and ALWAYS wants to please YOU . . .EACH OF YOU HAVE GIVEN HER THAT. It's clear, Hope Reins is a program that gives families the hope of the future for their child they once wouldn't allow themselves to imagine.


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